When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

For the avid DIY-er, it may be difficult to admit defeat and call a plumber when you’re having trouble fixing stubborn problems with toilets, showers, faucets, or pipes throughout your home. You know that you’re experienced with using tools and can address many common plumbing issues yourself. And you’d never dream of calling in a professional for simple things like plunging clogged toilets or remedying dripping faucets, though many people do. You may even have some bathroom and other remodeling experience under your belt at this point and have installed toilets, sinks, and drain systems yourself. The truth is that even the most experienced hobbyist plumber sometimes needs to consult the deeper expertise of a professional. The trick is determining when you’re in over your head and need to make that call.

So, what are some home plumbing jobs that you can expect to accomplish yourself, and which ones probably require professional assistance? You might be surprised. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience and separate the “easy” jobs from those that should be reserved for pros only. Continue reading “When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?”

Things You Can Do Before You Call for Air Conditioning Repair

It’s that time of year again, and one of our favorites here at Ressler & Mateer – air conditioning season! As the mercury rises and daytime temperatures are regularly in the 80s and 90s here in our Central PA service area, you’ve probably recently turned your AC on for the first time this year. Hopefully, it’s performing as you expect, but it’s possible you’ve noticed some issues that make you think it’s time to give your HVAC contractor a call. Especially if you haven’t had your system maintained regularly, you’re likely concerned that the problem you’re experiencing could lead to an expensive repair bill and uncomfortable downtime for your air conditioning. (Why do these machines always seem to have trouble on the hottest possible days?!)

Before you pick up the phone, though, know that there are some simple fixes to common problems that you can try before you summon the experts. In fact, even if these troubleshooting solutions do not entirely resolve your issue, trying them will help your AC service technician fix more significant problems faster since you may have already ruled out some things. Either way, our AC troubleshooting tips may save you money.

Go ahead and give our tips a try now. And, if you’re still having problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call 24/7. We’re always happy to help get your air conditioning system back into service as quickly as possible! Continue reading “Things You Can Do Before You Call for Air Conditioning Repair”