Why You Need to Consider HVAC for your Career

Are you facing the reality of high school graduation and have no idea what to do next? Or maybe you’ve been out of school for a few years, but haven’t found a career that’s a good fit for your talents and personality yet.

If you enjoy fixing things and interacting with people, but not being tethered to a desk or a computer all day every day, the HVAC industry may just be right for you. Have you considered whether you have what it takes to become a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician or mechanic? These skilled professionals are in high demand with many HVAC contractors looking to hire qualified, hardworking people right away – including us here at Ressler & Mateer!

So, what does it take to score one of these HVAC jobs and begin a solid career with an excellent outlook for the future? Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading “Why You Need to Consider HVAC for your Career”

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing this Winter

It’s a fact. Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes. And burst pipes lead to major plumbing emergencies and expensive water damage in your home.

The good news is, a little preventative action before freezing weather arrives for the season can assure that even your “at risk” pipes keep on flowing no matter how low temperatures may go. If you do experience frozen pipes, there are also a few ways to thaw them safely.

Of course, not experiencing a pipe freeze in the first place is the ultimate goal. That’s why we’re offering a closer look at how you can easily avoid a cold-weather plumbing emergency this year. Continue reading “How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing this Winter”