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Q: When is the best time for heater maintenance? – Luke B., Conestoga, PA

A: This is actually a very timely question, because the best time for a furnace or heater tune-up is in the early fall—right now—before the HVAC technicians are out on call during the cold weather months. Plus, the temperature likely won't be cool enough yet in Central Pennsylvania to warrant firing up the heating in your home.

A full tune-up of your furnace will include a number of important things. Our technician will test the airflow for carbon monoxide, check for leaks, inspect all of the electrical components, measure the furnace's pressure, change the filter, and more.

Q: The water pressure throughout my home has dropped recently, and I notice that the water has a slight rust color to it. What might the problem be? - Marissa J., Lancaster, PA

Unfortunately, these are warning signs that you might need to replace your water line. Your line may be leaking and losing water, and a breach in the line could allow corrosion, rust, or soil to enter your home's water supply. Other signs include frequently clogged toilets, a sudden increase in your water bill, foul-smelling water, and indentations or wet spots on your lawn.

Tree roots and pipe deterioration are typically the causes of a leaky water line. A ready supply of clean, fresh water is crucial for your home, so if you suspect that your water line may be broken, please have an experienced plumber come to your home and evaluate it for you!

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